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posted 20th Sep 2018, 12:19 PM

Ch4 Pg63
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20th Sep 2018, 12:19 PM


And they lived happily ever after...!

A lot of things need to be said so this might be a long one >v<

Welcome back, dear readers!
I'm so excited and a little nervous to be posting again (usually because when I post, shit seems to hit the fan soon after lol). It's been little over a year since posting stopped and I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and epilepsy. When my psychologist said I should take a year to fully recover, I thought we was talking crazy...but here we are, a year later. And I'm feeling good! Feeling confident! Gonna ride this as long as I can!
(Besides, I have two back-up pages ready in case life happens)

Secondly, I have basically been staring at this page for an entire year so I am so happy it's over and done with. =v=
I plan on doing what I've done in the past: posting once a week. For the time being, to get into the groove of comic posting aagain. I have just been colouring non-stop but haven't gotten to doing more lineart yet ahaha (Of course, I have a goal over on the Patreon that will open up twice a week posting when it's reached!)

Which brings me to my third point: Patreon!
IRL I've been doing odd jobs here and there but I've always tried to make the comic my main 'job' (as most of you will know). Now more than ever, I want to make that a reality! So any and all support will be much appreciated! Right now I only have 1 tier open ($1 or more) that gives you comic updates, WIPS, Behind-the-scenes and art (I always post in my Patreon first and then publicly sometime later). Other tiers will open up as we reach certain goals, which will give short-story pages, twice a week postings and patreon-only livestreams of comic drawing!

Enough self-promotion >v<
I'm just glad to be back, and hope you guys are still out there. Thank you for those that kept supporting while I was getting better, and those that patiently waited for this day! LOTSA LOVE <3

For more comic and extra content, check out the White Space Patreon!

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