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28th Oct 2014, 9:05 AM


Apologies. Been MIA

Hello dear readers!

I've never been good at keeping up with blogs on this site, mainly just using it just as a place to post pages. I apologise, since I've noticed that not everyone follows my updates on deviantArt and thus get left in the dark a lot of the time. Here is a post just to explain why WS has been standing still for a while.

First off: the comic is NOT dead. >w<
Since the last post, we've had to move from the city back to our hometown, my husband and I had to stay with my in-laws for months util we finally got moved in our own place. I got sick right after that (presumebly from all the dust kicked up during the move), got better, got sick again. Healthy again and then a friend's problems kept us busy. After that, husband got an appendectomy and I had o take care of him while he was in hospital (the surgery was a little more complicated than it normally would have been due to complications, thus he was out of it longer). Then it was my sister's wedding, in which I was maid of honour. And right the next day,everyone got sick from an unknown source. Including me. I went to hospital and fast-forward to now where I'm in bed and writing this.

Between all this, a friend and I have been working on something special regarding White Space and the future of it. That was what really halted the posts of pages, as I want to get it all done before posting happens once again. 

So sorry once again for the inactivity and keeping you guys out of the loop. Just bear with it all a little longer ;)

Later, dudes~!